I started drawing as a young child growing up in New Orleans. I remember adults being impressed with my ability to capture the world accurately in my drawings.

My dream was to be able to capture what I saw with photo realistic drawings. I was able to achieve that goal, but I was unimpressed with the feelings I got afterward. The feelings of “I could have just taken a photo.” So, I began to create images that I saw in my mind. I began to allow my imagination to come through into my art.

Art, to me, is the ability to take a thought and make it exist in the real world. With that in mind, I try to show the observer what my mind had cooked up. This ability landed me my first job out of college, where I used this ability to illustrate stories as a newspaper illustrator. I then began to use this ability to visually tell stories of complicated concepts through informational graphics. In these informational graphics I would explain things like heart surgery, news events, how New Orleans was flooded during Katrina. If you name it, I have probably done and informational graphic about it.

I kept growing my creative abilities to include metal art and functional sculpture. Things like fire pits, custom automotive parts, motorbikes and other vehicles were added to my repertoire.
My goal is to make the images in my mind a realitys. I would like to share what I see with the observer.

Thank you,
-Vasin Douglas